Monday, February 17, 2014

Preparation day

Saturday is our Preparation Day, but we usually end up doing something.  We helped load up some furniture that was donated to the mission.  Elder Nickels is always looking for furniture to furnish the missionaries apartments.  Sister Boehmer is awesome at finding people who are willing to donate, but we usually have to go and pick it up.  Elder Atwood is the moving elder right now. 

 Elder Nickels with Elder Atwood secure the mattress.  The trailer is full. 

Elder Boehmer and Elder Nickels with all the new 'treasures'
Thought I would insert a picture of us as we are in our typical 'go to the office attire'.  We leave each day around 8:15 am and get home around 6:00-7:00.  Many nights we get the opportunity to go out with the AP's to teach a lesson.  
We look as white as the walls behind us in our apartment.  I think we need to see some sun.  I can say we are looking forward to spring, sun, leaves on the trees, and maybe a flower or two.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Transfers

February Transfer is history now, but what a week.  We had 20 new missionaries come in and opened up 8 new areas.  We were so very busy.  Al was buried in closing apartments and trying to find new ones.  We feed 12 departing on Tuesday, 20 new ones coming in on Wednesday, 220 on Transfer day and mission council on Friday.  We are exhausted.  It is so fun to have all the Elders and Sister come in from out in the field, but it makes for long, long days.  What dynamic youth are in this church.  I am just going to tell the story of transfers with pictures.
I just got the orientation room set up, ready for the missionaries to arrive from the MTC.


The teaching pamphlets we have combined into one book, laminated the front and the back.  The missionaries seem to really love them, so we are giving them to our new ones coming in.

Added a sign for the front of the room.

The AP's working so hard to get everything done and all prepared for Transfer day tomorrow.  Elder Orgill and Elder Owens.

We couldn't make it through Transfers without Elder and Sister Boehmer.

All the AP's after training the new arrivals.

Standing in  line for supper.  They are hungry.  It has been a long time since the MTC.

The sisters arriving in February makes our mission have over 100 sisters.

Sister Silver with all the cupcakes she made for Transfers.  She really worked hard on them, and they were beautiful and delicious. 

The tables looked very nice, complete with candy hearts and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

I snapped a picture of Elder Nickels instructing all the missionaries during Transfer training.

Yummy Transfer Lunch.

The two workers.  Sister Silver and Sister Boehmer.

Some of our favorite sisters.  Sister Lamb, Sister Ding, Sister Lin, Sister Dahl, Sister Larsen, and Sister Holm.