Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Canadian Thanksgiving day.  We went to Thanksgiving dinner at a member's house, sister Head.  She is in a motorized wheelchair. She feeds the missionaries every year.   We picked up the Boehmers and found the apartment.  Two of our AP's and 2 ladies from the building also came to dinner.  Sister Head had cooked a macaroni dish, coleslaw, turkey breast, and I had brought 2 salads, so we had plenty to eat.  It was humbling to watch these wonderful strong women as they live in wheelchairs.  I found myself very grateful for the strength of my legs, for my beautiful home, for my family, for my life.  I admire Sister Head so very much, she has survived unbelievable odds.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Queen Elizabeth Park.  Today, Saturday October 12, we got up early to beat the traffic to get our shopping done.  We took off for Walmart and didn't get to the one we wanted.  So we ended up at an old one in Vancouver.  We found a few things and headed back to Richmond.  Three hours later we got home and unloaded the car and went about 5 blocks from our apartment and found a really nice grocery store.  We have invited the Hardings over for Sunday dinner, they are leaving for home on Monday.  They have been great trainers, and good friends.  We also invited the Mabeys, and the Boehmers to dinner.  So I needed to go to store, now I can stress about where to set them and what to cook.

At 1:00 the Hardings came and got us and took us to Queen Elizabeth Park on the outskirts of Vancouver.  It is a beautiful sunny day.  They wanted to be sure we knew where this park was.  It was awesome.  It will even  be more beautiful in spring and summer.  But we really enjoyed walking around and seeing the sights of Vancouver and one of its wonderful parks.   Of course I took the camera, see forthcoming pictures.  Wish I could remember my camera class better and get off the auto setting.  Would be able to do some need things if I was better behind the lens.  But you can get the idea from the few I will include.   

Got home at 5:00 and started to cook.  I hope all goes well tomorrow.  Kind of nervous. 
Queen Elizabeth Park
The foliage was beautiful.  The trees are beginning to turn.
A giant Rhubarb plant.  (Non edible)
The Mountains in the distance over Vancouver.
Colors everywhere.  Can't wait til spring.
These gorgeous girls were waiting for the bride to have her picture taken.  They were the bridesmaids. 
Love the different trees. 

Last Sunday afternoon, after conference we took a drive to find the Vancouver Temple.  We actually didn't even get lost.  It is out in a city named Langley.  It took us about an hour.  There wasn't much traffic, so we will have to plan a good hour in traffic.  The traffic here is hectic, lots and lots of people.  You learn the times to go places.  Especially if you have to leave Richmond by way of the tunnel that goes under the water.  (Richmond is an island, completely surrounded by water) (You go through the tunnel or over a bridge to come and go).   It can be an hour wait time backed up at the tunnel.  And also at the border if you go to Point Roberts or Bellingham in the United States can also be a congested time. 

 It was a beautiful day to find the temple.  It looks exactly like the Twin Falls temple only much smaller.  You have to have an appointment to attend, the opening hours are very limited.   We enjoyed the ride.  It was a great day, watching conference and then our little drive.  Hope all watched conference, it was wonderful.  If you missed the talks, please listen to them. 
Al at the gates and Trace in the shadows.
Just love this picture for the sky.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Transfer week over.  Well we made it through our first Transfer week.  It was busy.  We put in 12-14 hour days.  Had to fall into bed every night.  Finally got my camera and computer to talk. 
First Transfer dinner.  Oct 3, 2013
Elder Kennedy likes to tease Elder Nickels.
 President Tilleman and wife Holly
This mission is full of wonderful people.  All of our missionaries are working so hard.  They are contacting many people who have been prepared to hear the truth.
Our AP's work so hard.
Elders Lindeman and Lieber

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First missionaries from the MTC.  Today was the first time we were involved with welcoming the new missionaries to our mission.  They are right from the MTC.  It was so exciting to see their enthusiasm and feel of their spirit and love of the Lord. They had been up for hours, on a plane for more, and hassels through the airport and then to us.  We had an orientation with some treats and then everyone in the office gave them instruction.  It was a lot to take in for one day.  It was amazing to watch them keep pushing on no matter how tired they felt.  I have been so touched by some of their stories:
Elder B:  He is now an AP.  He was here and then was sent home for 1 year and after he did his time he came back to finish his mission.  What heart, what determination.  Most of us would of just gave it up.   He paid for whatever it was he needed to and came back to fulfill his commitment to the Lord.  Wow
Elder S:  He has only an 8th grade education.  Has been kicked around pretty good in life and has stayed the course and worked his way to serving a mission.  What determination, what a testimony.  Could I have done that?
Elder BB:  His visa run out in the US and had to return back to Canada.  He has only 2 months left to fulfill his mission, he could of easily gone home and it would of been an honorable release as there was nothing he could do to extend his visa.  But he ask to come to our mission and finish his mission.  I talked to his mother on the phone and she was so very sad that he couldn't finish in his US mission, but I reassured her that he had made it to us and that he was in the right place at the right time and that we needed him.   She cried and thought it would be alright.  He was such an awesome missionary when I met him.  I was so impressed.
Elder NG:  He is from Hong Kong.  He is highly educated and well spoken, but testifies of the truthfulness of the gospel.  He would not continue his studies until he served his Heavenly Father.
I guess I could go on for each and every missionary, how they got here, how they sacrificed to get here, their families.  My testimony is so strengthened after this day.    The church is true and this is the Lord's work.  It has caused me to take a look at my commitment to serve.  I shall be better and try to be a more faithful servant and maybe have a bit of these wonderful missionaries determination, heart, obedience and love. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Transfer week.  This week is the time we receive our new missionaries fresh from the MTC on Wednesday, and then on Thursday it is Transfer day.  We will have 200 or so on this day.  It will be fun to meet all of them and get a feel for how this will all run.  Friday is mission council and then the week will be finished.   We will see how it goes.  We went to our first Chinese Baptism this evening.  It was really awesome.  The missionaries whisper in your ear the interpretation.  Then 6 of our missionaries sang.  It was so touching.  The young man getting baptized was so touched, and even though you couldn't understand a thing he was saying the spirit bore witness that what he was saying was so true.  It was a wonderful experience.  That is what makes the mission worth it, nights like tonight. 
Program from the baptism