Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Canadian Thanksgiving day.  We went to Thanksgiving dinner at a member's house, sister Head.  She is in a motorized wheelchair. She feeds the missionaries every year.   We picked up the Boehmers and found the apartment.  Two of our AP's and 2 ladies from the building also came to dinner.  Sister Head had cooked a macaroni dish, coleslaw, turkey breast, and I had brought 2 salads, so we had plenty to eat.  It was humbling to watch these wonderful strong women as they live in wheelchairs.  I found myself very grateful for the strength of my legs, for my beautiful home, for my family, for my life.  I admire Sister Head so very much, she has survived unbelievable odds.

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  1. What an incredibly touching story. I love the connection you had with this special woman. I feel like a part of her heart must have been healed. We would love yo mail her pictures and things if you have her address.