Monday, November 11, 2013

Mission Conference, November 8-11.  Well we had our first mission conference with a visiting general authority from Salt Lake city.  Elder Johnson and his wife Jill visited our mission.  They were absolutely wonderful people and taught us so much.  The conference was a very spiritual uplift.  I was in charge of the meals each day.  I tried to have centerpieces that were pleasing and a little treat as well after eating Chinese food.   We fed about 165 on Friday and then again on Monday.  It was a huge job, but it was fun to see all the missionaries.

Used pictures of Jesus sitting on top of the scriptures, with a bit of greenery and some scriptures.

The Senior Missionaries in the Lower Mainland that were able to attend the conference on Monday.  President Tilleman and his wife and Elder Johnson and his wife are seated. 

Just a bit of sweet after lunch.  M&M's=Mission of Miracles

Got a sign made, a bit bigger than the 8 x 11 inch one we had.
All the Elders and Sisters were so fun to serve.

The calm before the storm.  Sister Boehmer makes that final check.

We were blessed to have the Carletons stay with us as they came from up north in Kamloops for the conference.   We had fun laughing and talking.  They are from Toronto, Canada and are doing a great job helping the people in Kamloops.
Also we had the wonderful opportunity to go with the Elders as they taught a mother and son about the gospel, Robert and Louise Milner.  It was so awesome to listen to the Elders teach them about the gospel and to witness Rob and Louise as they read the Book of Mormon and accepted the truthfulness of the gospel.  We had their baptism on Sunday evening, November 10.  Elder Nickels will confirm them on next Sunday the 18th.  They ask that he do that.  It was a neat experience and we hope we can continue to help them as they learn and grow in the gospel.

All the missionaries that were involved in their teaching. 
Left--to--right:  Elder Orgill, Elder Smith, Robert, Rob (who baptized them, he is leaving on a mission in a week), Elder Lindeman, Louise, and Elder Gardner.  Love these Elders.  They are so dynamic.  They are so busy each and every minute.  They are the AP's right now and are trying to get the mission conference ready, but they ran home Sunday afternoon and baked a cake for refreshments for the baptism that evening.  These 4 Elders also sang at the baptism.  It was the most beautiful song I have heard for a while, it was absolutely wonderful.  They are so multi-talented and are certainly  God's representatives, as they preach the truth.  You can see it and feel it from them.  They are absolutely correct in their teaching.  It has strengthened me so very much.  Our Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of his children. 


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