Thursday, November 14, 2013

Transfer week-November 12-14.

Well we survived transfer week and it was actually a very tiring process.  Tuesday we went to the temple with the departing missionaries and then fixed them supper and served at the President's house.  The temple is almost exactly like the Twin Falls, Temple only a bit smaller.  Made me home sick.   Anyway then on Wednesday is when the new missionaries arrive from the MTC.  We have an orientation, treats and training before we feed them supper and then continue in their training.  Thursday is then the big transfer day when those who are getting transferred come to the mission office and they have meetings all day, and get their new companions.  We fed about 230 very hungry Elders and Sister.  I am always amazed at their capacity to eat.  We had a funny thing happen.  Our President is totally into getting people introduced to the gospel and getting them baptized.  Well right in the middle of the craziness of transfer week Fed-Ex delivers us 9 cases of Baptism/Confirmation forms.  That equates to 9,900 forms.  I think that is enough to last us around 10 years, so President thinks we just need to get baptizing and use them up.  The distribution center in Salt Lake has a new computer system and for some reason on my last order they attached this huge order for baptism forms.  So I just got that sorted and then I get a call from home and there ate around 9 cases of church stuff on my front porch.  It was an order that I needed for Transfers.  For some reason distribution sent it to my home address.   So needless to say we have had some interesting times with shipments this week.  Al and I had to take a part on the training today, of which I knew nothing about.  We are suppose to train in our area of assignment.  I thought what am I going to train on, how to prepare a table, or a file, (ha)   But it was most interesting as I approached the pulpit it came into my mind to talk to the downhearted of which I did.  I related my experience as I was here my first month, and told them my ballgame score story and addressed the down in spirit among them.  I'm not sure all I said, but I do know that the spirit was directing my words.  I had so many Elders and Sisters talk to me throughout the day and thank me for my words.  It was a very tender experience, the Lord will direct you to help others if you will just have Faith in him and let him take over.   I hope I helped some of those struggling.  It has been a fulfilling week, but I must say a most tiring one.  It is nice to be home tonight before 8 p.m. I have decided that a mission is a vacation, working very hard, day in and day out. 

Got my orientation room all set up.

Our new missionaries.  My first group that I got to take care of.  What dynamic young people.  Loved each and everyone of them right off.

And of course the transfer dinner decorations.  Just have to show them, as I worry about them for weeks.  Kind of dumb, as nobody really cares, but it does look nice.  We had yummy pulled pork sandwiches, which I think we probably ate around 3 pigs or so. :
Have to just add a fun picture of Al and me last Saturday, taking a minute to have a breakfast in a real restaurant.  That huge fruit "thing" was a yogurt parfait.  It was sooo big.

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