Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stanley Park in Vancouver in November.... We decided to take a drive and see if we could find Stanley Park in Vancouver.  It was kind of a chilly day, but was not raining.  We found the park with no trouble, even driving right through downtown Vancouver.  It is quite the park with many things to do and to see.  I am sure that it is absolutely beautiful in the summer.  The leaves from the trees were all on the ground, but oh what huge leaves they are.  Found a little gift shop and looked at a few fun things.  I'll include a few pictures, hopefully the pictures in the spring and the summer will be a bit more colorful.  I wish I could remember my photography class and take the camera off automatic, but just can't remember too much.  I did try to get the curve into the picture however, so just notice that.  And I wish I could make the pictures bigger on this blog, but can't make that work.  Every once in a while the bar comes up to change, but I'm not sure what I do.  Saturday is our P-day, so we try and go explore a bit.  We didn't get off like we wanted as a pair of Sister lost their phone so Al needed to go into the office and get a new one ready for them.  Some Elders also called and they broke the lock to their apartment and were not sure what to do.  Al now has 265 kids to look after with credit cards, phones, and apartments.  :)  Makes my job of tablecloths pretty easy.  (ha)   We enjoyed the fresh air and the ocean.  It is so nice to get out of the office and see some of nature.  We live in the middle of a huge city.  The ocean is not too far, but you have to drive there and most weekday we don't have the time, or it is too dark.  It was nice to be together. 

Al in front of the totem poles.  It was fun to read the meaning of each of them.  This area is full of "First Nation" history.
The moss on the trees is actually growing.  The trees seem to have green hair.

Al in the far distance.  I always lag behind to snap the pictures. 

Al wanted the camera so I guess I get into the picture.
I wonder if he is looking for home?  Loved how the trees framed him.
Piles and piles of leaves.  I don't know how their parks department keeps up with all of them.

I like the 'First Nation" art.  It is really neat. 

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  1. You two are cute little explorers. Those totadem poles are really cool. Can't wait for y'all to show us around when we come visit!!