Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas season is upon us

December 6, 2013--Christmas season is upon us.

Well it is the beginning of the Christmas season.  It does seem strange to not be home and involved in all the festivities.  But it is wonderful to be around all the great young missionaries.  What wonderful youth.  They are all so obedient and so willingly to help and to spread the gospel.  I sure enjoy when they come into the office each day.  They are like a ray of light walking in the door.   I have been working on the gift that the mission office/President is giving to each missionary.  I had all the pamphlets that they use in their teaching bound together.  I laminated the front and back with "The Living Christ' Proclamation and "The Family Proclamation" and then put into a gift bag full of goodies, of course.  The senior missionaries, in the area, came in and we had a good time assembling all 295 bags. 
Sister Easterbrook, Sister Ripplinger, Sister Boehmer, and Sister Tilleman.

Sister Silver and me.
The missionaries were thrilled with their gift.  It was a fun project.  I wish I could give them each a great big gift, they deserve it, they work so hard. 
On Saturday, November 30, Al and I took the ferry from Twwasawen to the island of Vancouver.  It is a 2 hour ferry ride, then we drove 1 hour to the town of Duncan.  We were checking on an apartment problem that the sisters assigned there were having.  It was fun to be on the island.  We got the problem solved and made it home the next day to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. 
Waiting for the ferry.

Kind of a gray day, but the water is always beautiful.

Driving onto the ferry.  It was a fun adventure.  Hope to go again, especially in the summer.
Don't know why the pictures are so blue.  (need to check the camera).
 We attended an awesome choir presentation that evening in Vancouver.  It was absolutely beautiful, I don't think I have ever heard Silent Night sang like that.  It really helped give me the Christmas spirit.   We are getting about 80 packages a week to the office from parents and friends at home for our missionaries.  Our poor little office is bursting at the seams.  It is wonderful to go and get all those wonderful packages.  We are keeping a list of packages, so that if a missionary doesn't receive a parcel for Christmas we will make sure they get one.  I am so impressed by those young people who are here on the Lord's errand and are not well supported from home, but they come anyway.

Love you all and hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season. 
We take a moment and go out to dinner.


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