Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26 - The day after Christmas--Boxing Day in Canada

Well we survived Christmas away from home.  We were so thrilled to talk and Skype the kids in the morning on Christmas day.  Oh what fun it is to see Christmas morning in the eyes of children.  We so love our grandkids and our kids.  They are all so supportive and each sent us packages so that we had presents under our little tree.  We enjoyed opening each one up and reading the letters and looking at each book.  Thanks to them for not forgetting us.   It was fun to go get packages and to see some were for us, just like a little kid, (guess I'm just a kid at heart).  .  We had 3 dinner appointments on Christmas day, so we were well stuffed.  We visited with Faith who is from Kenya, then to the Newmans and a taste from the Philippines, and then to the Silvers for a taste of Utah.  We enjoyed the day, but were tired when we got home.  We had an interesting Christmas eve.  We left early in the morning and boarded the ferry to Vancouver island with our car full of those last minute Christmas presents.  We delivered to Nanaimo, Duncan, and then Victoria.  Hopefully those missionaries were able to open their presents on Christmas morning.  We attended to an apartment problem with some Sister missionaries,  where their apartment was growing mold.   We are moving them out today, so that took some time.  It was fun to play Santa and deliver.  We grabbed a quick Christmas Eve dinner, but all we could find was a place with Salmon Corn chowder (very fishy) and some pink looking pasta stuff, (causing me extreme heart burn for the rest of the eve).  haha  We missed that Prime Rib Christmas Eve dinner.  We went to an open house for Boxing Day this evening, it was fun to get to know a few of the ward members better.  Now we are at home and it feels good to just take a minute and be lazy.  Christmas is everywhere, but I wanted to write.  I am going to just add a few pictures, because they tell the story better than me.
Driving onto the Ferry.

Elder Nickels making the 2 hour ferry ride more enjoyable with his I-pad.
Off we go to the Island, here comes Santa and Mrs. Claus.

This is our view on Christmas Eve.  Waiting, and heartburn!!  Where are you Santa with a Tums when I need one. 

I thought you might like to see just a bit of one of our package delivers from Point Roberts.  This is a one day delivery that we brought in.  We had to put them in the front office and then we sign them all in and put them into the backroom by zones.  Then the zone leaders try and deliver them to their zones.   Al going into the post office.

Point Roberts on a clear day in December.  Kind of nice to just listen to the water and feel the peace that comes with the sound of the waves hitting the beach. 

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