Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 15,2013--Christmas is coming

Well Christmas is on its way and we are busy getting ready.  We got all the missionaries their bags delivered that we made for them.  They all seem to love the pamphlets bound together.  We are in the process of trying to find room for all the packages that are coming in for the missionaries.  We go to Point Roberts Washington 3 times a week right now and pick up Christmas parcels.  We get about 40-50 each pick-up.  It is such a busy little post office.  You stand in line for well over an hour to get to the counter.  Al and I wanted to get our packages mailed to our grandkids so we left at 6:30 am last Friday morning to be there the moment the post office opened.  We were first in line at 8:00, which the post office doesn't open until 8:30.  By the time they opened, the line was out the door, so we were so glad we went early, we had a stack to mail. (and it was all ours, no mission mail).  We did pick up about 50 packages for the missionaries and were back at the office by 9:30 am.  The tunnel was clear, the border was clear, and the wait at the post office was nothing.  We were pretty proud of ourselves.  We made our grandchildren their ornaments this year.  It has been fun.  I will post a picture of them after I am sure they have received them.  They are certainly home made, but we enjoyed doing it in the evenings.  We couldn't miss a year, we haven't in the last 15 years.
Al waiting at the door of the Post Office.

We had our packages all ready to go.  We hope the grandkids like their ornaments.
We have put up a small Christmas tree and even have a few presents.  The Heider's sent us the 12 days of Christmas so we actually look like we have gifts.  We also have a mini tree from our 12 days gifts.  

The Silvers and the Boehmers and us are keeping track of each package that comes in and if a missionary doesn't receive a package we will go shopping and make sure that they do.
Merry Christmas to all.  We love all our friends and our family.

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