Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Transfer week.  This week is the time we receive our new missionaries fresh from the MTC on Wednesday, and then on Thursday it is Transfer day.  We will have 200 or so on this day.  It will be fun to meet all of them and get a feel for how this will all run.  Friday is mission council and then the week will be finished.   We will see how it goes.  We went to our first Chinese Baptism this evening.  It was really awesome.  The missionaries whisper in your ear the interpretation.  Then 6 of our missionaries sang.  It was so touching.  The young man getting baptized was so touched, and even though you couldn't understand a thing he was saying the spirit bore witness that what he was saying was so true.  It was a wonderful experience.  That is what makes the mission worth it, nights like tonight. 
Program from the baptism

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  1. What a neat night! Happy I found this blog Mom and Dad. I love you dearly!