Sunday, September 29, 2013

Well we finally got official internet and maybe I can keep our blog updated.  Since we left the MTC we stayed in our home on Friday, September 19 and then started our journey.  We stopped and saw Dax and Temsha and Leto in Boise, the Tara, Taylor, and Tate in Meridian.  Everyone else was in school, it was sad to think we would not be in Boise again for almost 2 years.  We will miss everyone and also the ballgames, they are just fun to go to.  We made it as far as the Tri-city area and visited Sean, Brenda, A.J. and Harley.  Saturday morning we headed for Vancouver.  It was a pretty drive and met Elder & Sister Harding at the church and they showed us our apartment.  It is a nice place, we cant complain.  No outlets in the bathroom is probably our biggest problem, but I set up my sewing table for the makeup mirror and a power strip on the spare rooms dresser for curling irons.  We went to church on Sunday, Richmond 1st ward, and then attended a baptism.  It was a busy day with a High Priests meeting in the evening. 

Monday morning we started our training.  Elder and Sister Harding are the missionaries we are replacing and they are our trainers.  We spent the week learning our jobs and they have been so hospitable in showing us the area.  I hope I can figure out my responsibilities, Al has a Huge job with the finances and apartments. This coming week is Transfer week and also new missionaries from the MTC arrive, so this is the BIG time,  I guess if we make it through this week, we will be official, or maybe just tired.  We are getting use to the area, it does rain a lot here.  I mean it rains relentlessly.  We are snug in our apartment this Sunday afternoon and do have a minute to catch up on some things.  Our Ford Expedition is a big outfit here and is tight in parking lots, but Al seem to maneuver us around alright so far.  We learned that if you want a grocery cart you insert a quarter in to release them, and then if you snap it back into place when you are through you get you money back.  We looked pretty comical trying to figure that out.  Richmond is the main place the Chinese people emigrate to, and we are definitely the minority.  We have Chinese speaking Sisters and Elders, also Spanish, and Korean.  I order all materials for the missionaries, so I have a few languages to deal with.  Kind of interesting.  Well don't want to bore you all, we are here, we are learning, and hopefully will become productive this week.  We miss home and love you all.

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