Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We are in computer class learning all the office procedures.  I must say there is a lot to working the office.  I had no idea.  I hope I can remember all the procedures and not mess things up too much.  It is a bit overwhelming, Al is doing great with his financial problems.  I messed up the letter template pretty good, and the transfer board is very, very intimidating.  Wow.  Like moving quilt blocks to different areas, then it changes the look and creates new problems, just like moving missionaries to new areas.  Then the housing changes, the phone, the transportation, all kinds of stuff.  Then what language do they speak.  I think we will get it, but glad that is the mission presidents responsibility, above my head. haha

We got to walk down to the Marriott center for a devotional.  It was amazing.  To hear them all sing the songs was such a testimony builder, what a sound.  Wish I could record it for all to hear, I guess you just had to be there.  We then walked back to the MTC,  Al and I were about in the middle of this long column of Elders and Sister.  The Elders behind us starting singing "The Army of Helaman" and it was as if we were there.  We had about 2,300 of us and you just imagined Helaman and the Warriors.  That is what we all are I guess is Warriors for the Gospel.  It was such a feeling and experience, I shall never forget.  The church is true and this is the restored gospel, I know that to be true.  I always want to be a part of Helaman's army.

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