Friday, September 20, 2013

Well we finished our training at the MTC and we are at home for one night on our way to Canada.  I can't express my feelings about the spirit at the MTC, it was wonderful to experience on almost an hourly basis.  You see miracles each day as you learn about people's experience in receiving their calls, and as you watch the young Elders and Sisters.  The Lord is truly with his missionaries and it is wonderful to be a part of that.  It has been hard to come home and then say goodbye again, I think we had mentally moved to our  mission and it has been hard to come home to reality.  I hope it will be alright when we get going again.  It is with mixed emotions that we depart, leaving family and friends.  You ask yourself how you are going to do that, but the Lord really does take over and send you on your way.  I will sorely miss everyone and our comfortable surroundings, but I know we will really grow and progress.

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