Saturday, October 12, 2013

Queen Elizabeth Park.  Today, Saturday October 12, we got up early to beat the traffic to get our shopping done.  We took off for Walmart and didn't get to the one we wanted.  So we ended up at an old one in Vancouver.  We found a few things and headed back to Richmond.  Three hours later we got home and unloaded the car and went about 5 blocks from our apartment and found a really nice grocery store.  We have invited the Hardings over for Sunday dinner, they are leaving for home on Monday.  They have been great trainers, and good friends.  We also invited the Mabeys, and the Boehmers to dinner.  So I needed to go to store, now I can stress about where to set them and what to cook.

At 1:00 the Hardings came and got us and took us to Queen Elizabeth Park on the outskirts of Vancouver.  It is a beautiful sunny day.  They wanted to be sure we knew where this park was.  It was awesome.  It will even  be more beautiful in spring and summer.  But we really enjoyed walking around and seeing the sights of Vancouver and one of its wonderful parks.   Of course I took the camera, see forthcoming pictures.  Wish I could remember my camera class better and get off the auto setting.  Would be able to do some need things if I was better behind the lens.  But you can get the idea from the few I will include.   

Got home at 5:00 and started to cook.  I hope all goes well tomorrow.  Kind of nervous. 
Queen Elizabeth Park
The foliage was beautiful.  The trees are beginning to turn.
A giant Rhubarb plant.  (Non edible)
The Mountains in the distance over Vancouver.
Colors everywhere.  Can't wait til spring.
These gorgeous girls were waiting for the bride to have her picture taken.  They were the bridesmaids. 
Love the different trees. 

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  1. That park is incredible!! I would love to go see it when we come. So cute to see you and Dad. What an experience. I love you both.