Saturday, October 12, 2013

Last Sunday afternoon, after conference we took a drive to find the Vancouver Temple.  We actually didn't even get lost.  It is out in a city named Langley.  It took us about an hour.  There wasn't much traffic, so we will have to plan a good hour in traffic.  The traffic here is hectic, lots and lots of people.  You learn the times to go places.  Especially if you have to leave Richmond by way of the tunnel that goes under the water.  (Richmond is an island, completely surrounded by water) (You go through the tunnel or over a bridge to come and go).   It can be an hour wait time backed up at the tunnel.  And also at the border if you go to Point Roberts or Bellingham in the United States can also be a congested time. 

 It was a beautiful day to find the temple.  It looks exactly like the Twin Falls temple only much smaller.  You have to have an appointment to attend, the opening hours are very limited.   We enjoyed the ride.  It was a great day, watching conference and then our little drive.  Hope all watched conference, it was wonderful.  If you missed the talks, please listen to them. 
Al at the gates and Trace in the shadows.
Just love this picture for the sky.

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