Monday, February 17, 2014

Preparation day

Saturday is our Preparation Day, but we usually end up doing something.  We helped load up some furniture that was donated to the mission.  Elder Nickels is always looking for furniture to furnish the missionaries apartments.  Sister Boehmer is awesome at finding people who are willing to donate, but we usually have to go and pick it up.  Elder Atwood is the moving elder right now. 

 Elder Nickels with Elder Atwood secure the mattress.  The trailer is full. 

Elder Boehmer and Elder Nickels with all the new 'treasures'
Thought I would insert a picture of us as we are in our typical 'go to the office attire'.  We leave each day around 8:15 am and get home around 6:00-7:00.  Many nights we get the opportunity to go out with the AP's to teach a lesson.  
We look as white as the walls behind us in our apartment.  I think we need to see some sun.  I can say we are looking forward to spring, sun, leaves on the trees, and maybe a flower or two.

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