Monday, March 10, 2014

Morgan comes for a visit

We were so happy to have Morgan come and visit us on her spring break from Red Deer College.  It was kind of a rainy time, but we did get a break in the weather for a while to visit Stanley Park.  We enjoyed the blue sky while it was visible and enjoyed a hamburger at the top of the hill.
Down the stairs to the lighthouse.

Grandma ever so proud of a picture with a beautiful granddaughter.

  There it is Morgan, the Pacific ocean. 
 And no snow like in Red Deer.

The hollow tree is always fun.

Fun to see the ocean after all the snow in ON.

The totem poles in Stanley Park are always interesting.
Morgan got to stay 6 days with us.  It was so fun to have her here.  She is such a wonderfully gentle young lady.  She went with us wherever we needed to go.  We missed her so much when she had to return back to school.
Pizza on Tuesday for lunch every week.  Fresh Slice has the $1.25 a slice special. 

We found an afternoon to go through the Richmond Center Mall. 
Of course Thursday morning finds us standing in line at the Point Roberts post office getting the mail, and it was awesome to have a helper this week to carry all the packages.

Sister Dahl and Sister Lin invited us to go to lunch with them at a restaurant "Hot Pot'.  They put a pot of water (colored with something) in the middle of the table on a burner and when it boils you take your chop sticks and cook your own food.  They brought all the food out, look at all this.  And by golly we ate it all.  It was a fun experience.

After lunch we got back to our car because our parking meter was good until 3:20.  Well we made it back at 4 minutes past 3 so we had plenty of time, right?  Not in Vancouver.  The tow truck had us hooked up because there was no parking there after 3:00, even though our parking slip said we were good until 3:20.  They were just writing us a ticket, which because it was only 4 minutes, he made it a warning, (it would of cost $80.00),but it would cost us $45.00 to unhook the tow truck. (which by the way was only 1/2 way hooked up).    So that is our 2nd parking fee, we managed to get one when Taylor was here visiting us and we got ticketed in Stanley Park.  That one cost us $35.00, if paid within 24 hours.   We have decided to collect the slips and see what it ends up costing us to park in Vancouver.  It does cost $12.50 an hour to park at the hospital, (hope we don't have to visit anyone there).

We had such fun with Morgan.  We love our family and are so happy when they come and visit us.
Please Morgan come again, and we promise no more "Hot Pot"


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