Friday, March 21, 2014

March activities

March has been a busy month as it comes to a close.  We started by teaching Faith the temple preparation course.  Al challenged  her to get ready to go to the temple before she moves to Toronto.  We hate to see her go, she has become like a daughter to us.  We also took a trip to Kamloops to close two apartments and bring back all the furniture.  Our good friends from Toronto are serving there and helped us with all the loading.  We got to stay at their apartment and laughed way into the night.  It was such fun to visit with them, they are such wonderful folks. Getting home late Saturday night and then up early  to pick up all the people we take to church, I must say I was tired by Sunday night.  Then Transfer week began.  It is always fun to have all the missionaries come into the church for meetings.  I love to see them.

The drive to Kamloops started in the rain and on the mountain pass it turned to snow.


We stopped to take a picture of the bank.


Elder Carleton and Elder Nickels  moving out the mattresses

Elder Nickels so faithfully carrying out all the needed missionary apartment essentials!

The Carletons and the Nickels working hard.

When is the last time they wiped out this refrigerator?



So we see who is the boss and who is the laborer!!!

Get that on the trailer, now.


We did get to go sightseeing  for a moment and then to have a fun night playing games. 

It is a beautiful valley. 



Thank You Carletons

Home to get ready for Transfers.
Decorated for St. Patricks Day.  Went with all green. It was fun.  We had dipped marshmellows in the pot that the missionaries could eat after their lunch.  It was fun.


The Transfer Team.  Sister Silver, Sister Boehmer
 and Sister Nickels.
Friday March 21, finally came and the time for Faith to go to the temple.  What a wonderful day.  We were so excited for her.  It turned out to be quite special.  We shall always remember how we felt and how strong the spirit is with her.  Our love and best wishes will always be with her. 
She is so Beautiful.


  1. She did it, and loved it.

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