Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring is trying to come

Well it is April 6 and how we enjoyed listening to conference.  It was wonderful, as always.  I especially loved the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions.  Those talks seem to answer so questions that I had.  Be sure and read them in the May Ensign or listen to them on your I-pad.  After conference Al and I went out and thought we would find a few evidences of spring.  The pink tress have been beautiful, and we may have waited almost too long.  I am just going to show some of the pictures that I took around Richmond and down by the ocean at Gary Point in Steveston.   And I am going to try my new found secret to posting larger pictures so you don't have to have a magnifying glass to see them. 

These 'blossoms' on trees are like flowers.  They are beautiful.  Can't wait until they are in full bloom.
The bloom on this tree needs to be made into a quilt. 
 Can you get on that Jolene?

The white and pink trees are all over Richmond.   No wind to come and blow them all away. 

I love the red hedges.  The hedges here are 8 to 10 feet tall.  There are already electric pruners being started.  The nursery crews are out in force. 

Williams Street is where the church is and it is lined with pink trees.  It goes for blocks and blocks.

This is at Gary Point on the ocean.  People were out in force enjoying a nice warm Sunday afternoon.  No rain.  It was most pleasant.  The geese were coming in, and just a nice breeze for the kids to fly their kites.  It was fun to walk around and get some air.

Al is enjoying the pink trees. (and having his picture taken) 

All the colors are coming out.  The purples, reds, pinks, whites, and yellows. 

The little boat coming into Steveston.  The sea and the sky are almost the same color. 

The white snow geese are grazing like a herd of buffalo.  They didn't even take notice of Al.

We enjoyed the afternoon out and some fresh air.  We kind of get cooped up in the office day in and out so when it is not raining we try and find a new spot to visit.  We really enjoyed Gary Point and it is not too far from our modest apartment.
There is usually a Chinese garden everywhere, and there was a small one here.  Good Afternoon.

Thought you all might enjoy seeing the flowers that I am making. (Not as beautiful as the ones God makes). They are for the May 1 Transfer luncheon.  I watched a You Tube tutorial to learn how and away I went.  I thought the missionaries would love to see a burst of color. 


 Not quite a bed of roses. 
Now I have the pictures figures out how to make bigger, but can't get the column to go wider.  Next time I will spend some time on that.  Anyone know?

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