Monday, April 7, 2014

General Authorities visit our mission

Three General Authorities visited our mission.  An article about it is on and then click on the Canada link off to the left.  It tells about their visit and the great message they gave to us.  President brought all the missionaries in to hear them.  Travel in this mission is a big deal.  It took weeks to arrange all the flights, buses, ferries, and cars.   Al and I were also caught on camera about to shake Elder Christofferson's hand.  We were helping Sister Lamb, as she was sick, but wanted to shake the Apostle's hand.  He took time and shook every missionaries hand.  It was a great conference.

Just wanted to add this additional information below. 
This is the transfer team.  We fed all the missionaries for the conference mentioned above.  We made over 600 brown bag lunches, had pizza for over 300 , and then feed them for every transfer.  The March transfer luncheon tables are ready in the background.   (I had to make sure that all the kitchen crew had a shamrock scarf on that day).  I even covered the maple leaf on the sign with a shamrock.  (married to an Irishman).

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