Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Visits and Transfer day

So I thought I would just post some of the pictures of April.  We had a huge surprise.  It was Al's birthday and it really wasn't being a very good day for him.  We were working on a project and so I was at the copy machine trying to figure out our problem.  I heard someone say, "Delivery for Nickels," so I looked up and there was Luke and Byron.  What a shock and oh how fun.  They had dinner reservations at the local Steakhouse (which we didn't even know existed). We had a wonderful steak, a wonderful visit and then they had to leave.  Of course I cried like a baby and was very sad that they had to go, but it was fantastic to see them.  Thank you so much for coming to see us. 
Standing by my desk.

 Standing in Al's office.  A most tight place. 

We had to show them Steveston, where they film the TV show, 'Once Upon a Time".  Luke is in front of Grannies Café.

Relaxing on our couch before our yummy steak.
Then the next week, Dax and Temsha came for a short visit on their way to a conference in Bellingham.  We went also to Steveston and went to the Crab Restaurant.  It was yummy as well.  The next day we took the day off the office and went to Stanley Park in Vancouver.  We walked around and saw all the scenery and was blessed with a nice day.  We also took some time to visit the aquarium in the park.  Saw some very interesting fish, whales, sharks, etc. 

We ate crab, not that any of us are Crabs. 

It was a great sunny day.  No rain in sight.  That was awesome. 
 At the aquarium we got to tour the behind the scenes for the jellyfish. 

Dax interested in all the different fish.
Lots of different sights to see, from the creepy to the beautiful. 

The shore of the Park.  The mountains and the sea.  A beautiful combination.



We stop for a snapshot in Stanley Park.  We usually don't have anyone to take our picture together. 

Got my flowers in their pots and on the tables.  I am ready for May day transfers.  I enjoyed making all the flowers.  Amazing what you can learn to do on You Tube.  I thought the missionaries could use a huge burst of color after such a long, gray winter.

We feed over 200 missionaries every transfer.  They can eat.
We are serving the delicious Lemon Cake.

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