Saturday, June 14, 2014

June- Happy Father's Day

Well it has been quite some time since I have had any time to make an entry.     It has been very busy. We spent most of May, it seems, cleaning apartments and changing apartments.  Al has an enormous responsibility in keeping track of over 145 apartments.  Keeping the rents paid, dealing with that many landlords, missionaries moving, closing some apartments one month and opening new the next month.  Moving furniture in and out.  Sometimes there are three missionaries in an apartment, sometimes there is a threesome and they need another bed and desk.  The next transfer, back to just  two.   He works so hard to make sure everyone is comfortable, with what they need.  That is not an easy job with 285 of them.  He also makes sure each and every missionary has money loaded on to their mission debit card.  He counsels them on how to spend their money, and not be out by the 20th of the month.   He works with zone leaders for apartment cleaning inspections.  He pays the bills for the entire mission and keeps track of President and his needs and expenditures.  I don't know how he gets it all done.  He goes to his desk each morning and is there for 9-10 hours a day, talking to landlords, missionaries, banks, mad landlords, people who didn't get their checks on time (Canadian mail NOT too fast), and in the in-between times he has enormous data information to update on his computer.  An  average day of questions for him is:   Which missionary is transferred, what apartment did they move to, what is their address, is a shower curtain reimbursable, how much money do I have left in my account, I don't have enough money to buy my prescription, what should I do, are light bulbs reimbursable, I bought all the groceries in the apartment and I now have to be transferred, can you reimburse me for the next apartment?   Ha HA  they go on and on.  He is so patient, and loves the missionaries so much.  He takes care of us all.  We all have to submit reimbursements as Senior Missionaries as well for expenditures we have and he makes sure that all of the Seniors are taken care of.  They come in all forms to decipher.  Just figuring out how to reimburse when you pay with a US credit card and are getting reimbursed in Canadian would throw me over the top.    I just want to dedicate a moment on our blog to how much love I have for my wonderful husband who just pushes on day after day.   He is a great father to all the missionaries here and to all his children and grandchildren.  Happy Father's day to AL. 
Al at his desk.  Luke and Byron's visit shows what a tight space he has to work in.

Apartment's take up most Saturday P-days.

Unloading the car after moving an apartment that is too far for our moving Elders to travel to.  The mission covers the entire Province of British Columbia.  It is a huge amount of land, with apartments hundreds of miles apart. 

Is this in my mission paper job description? 

Now we see who does the work?

Apartments, Apartments. 
Elder Atwood is such a wonderful "moving" Elder.  He helps Elder Nickels so much. 
Elder Boehmer and Elder Nickels.

Al always finds time to help me with Transfers.  He puts up my signs, sets tables, and takes me to many dollar stores looking for decorations.   He loads the car with a huge load from Costco each month and he packs it all into the church. 
Then there is all the paperwork, picking up packages at the post office.

Best yet---- to Baptise.  Kaba loves Elder Nickels.

I love him for his service, his talents, his obedience, his dedication, and his support of me and our family. 

Thank you Al Nickels for all you do.  A man serving his God. 

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