Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Transfers

I always post Transfers for the month.  They all pretty much look the same, but I will remember as I will use this as my scrapbook when I get home, so bare with me.   June Transfers I wanted to make special as it is President Tilleman's last transfer as he will be released on July 1 and President Burt will become our new President.  We decorated the tables with different pictures of President and Sister Tilleman over the past three years, threw in some balloons, some cake, ice cream, and a huge sign, a few gifts, and I think it turned out nice for them. 

Had about 40 different pictures of President & Sister Tilleman on the tables.  The missionaries really enjoyed seeing all the memories. 

 Lined the stage with cakes,.  They were suppose to have red writing and came with black.  It looked more like a funeral, than a farewell.  We dug out the artificial flowers and helped them a bit,  then it looked like a luau.  HA,  But they were good tasting.  The balloons worked well with the tissue flowers from last month on the bottom. 


The long brown paper present was for President and Sister Tilleman.  It was a panoramic picture of Vancouver in the fall.  He can hang it in his law office in Arizona. 

 We had a large sign printed to honor their return home.

The tables are all set, wrapped silverware in place, M&M mini cups full, and music for the song to President all ready to go. 

Roast Pork, baked potatoes, salad, rolls, cake and ice cream.  Don't get much better than that. 

The Assistant gathered every missionaries' Testimony and put it into a binder.  I recopied their paper sheets onto paper that looked like a scroll and Sister Silver inserted gold paper and we put a Testimony Scripture on the front.  Kind of looked like scriptures.  Sister Tilleman was overwhelmed to have the gift. 
D & C 76: 22: "And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony last of all, which we give of him; That he lives!"

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