Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 4th Mission Council and our new President Plus our P-day to Whistler

Well we made it to July.  June was so very, very busy as we tried to finish up everything for President & Sister Tilleman and get ready for President & Sister Burt.  An emotional time as we said goodbye to a great President and welcome a new President.  

Sister Tilleman loved her Canada Maple Leave Quilt.
And we also had to say goodbye to some of our favorite Elders.  Elder Clements and Elder Orgill.  Elder Orgill has been an Assistant to the President since we arrived on our mission and has always been in the office with us.  What will we do?

We started out with Mission Council on the 4th of July.  I felt like I just had to bring a taste of the good ole USA to Canada for the 4th of July.  The US missionaries had fun with it, and even the non-US missionaries enjoyed our 4th of July luncheon.  We had a great day. 

 Happy 4th of July in Canada. 
We had hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, and red, white, and blue everything else, (including candy corn).  It was a fun luncheon for mission council, and President Burt's first council.

The office team.

 We popped corn all  morning and made such a good mess in the kitchen.  It was a fun treat.

Our Cute Sister Leader Trainers.  They loved the fun.

Sister Hobbs, Sister Nickels, and Sister DeMordaunt.
We all had to wear our Red, White, and Blue.

President & Sister Burt

Mission Council, July 2014, Canada Vancouver Mission
July 13, 2014 the Silvers and us decided that for P-day we would head up to Whistler Mountain.  It has turned really hot and to try and escape the heat we headed for the mountain top.   Whistler Ski Resort is a huge place and we enjoyed taking the Gondola to the top of the mountain.  The view was awesome.  We then took another Gondola across a valley, called the Peak to Peak.
We didn't escape the heat too much as it was still very hot, but we found some yummy ice cream and a little shade and cooled off.  It was a fun day. 

                 Shannon Falls on the way up the mountain.

Whistler Olympic Plaza


Across the valley we go.  It was like being in an airplane.

The mountains behind us were so beautiful.  It was a wonderful day.  We had a lot of fun.  It was nice to have a venue change.  Ha
Whistler was a beautiful place and the scenery was spectacular.  So glad we took the day to go and explore. 


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  1. Loved this amazing 4thJuly celebration. Hope everyone had great time. I along with my sister made great efforts for this day. We arranged a party at one of New York venues where our all known were invited. They all had great time and enjoyed the day.