Friday, December 12, 2014


Well it looks like November is just about done.  Only two more days left at this entry.  This month has absolutely flown by.  We have been quite busy and we are really getting to know the missionaries in the Victoria and Nanaimo zones.    They are such wonderful young men and women, we have grown to love them all so much. 

Elder Nickels with Elder Lieber and Elder Bischoff at the Nanaimo Zone Conference.  They are wonderful Assistants.  They have both been with us our entire mission.  We worked with them in the office before we headed for the field.  Great examples.

The Courtenay Sisters, Sister Bartlett and Sister Struempler.  We traveled to Nanaimo and met them to go to the doctor with them. 
Some of Elder Nickel's favorite Elders.  They are working in Duncan.  Elders Stock and Orr.  We have been involved in two baptisms with them. 
Shawnee's baptism in Duncan. 

We traveled to Salt Spring Island and talked in Sacrament meeting.  They have a wonderful little chapel there.  The membership is very small and they need more members.  Elder Nickels is working on a schedule to have some of our missionaries visit the island a few times a month.  Hopefully that would help the branch. 


I just had to put in a picture of normal life.  We do try and keep the car clean.  The young missionaries wash their car each Monday.  We don't keep up with that, but Elder Nickels is working hard  here to clean us up.  I'm watching, of course.

Sister Ovard is talking with a sister on the street.  I went out with the sisters one afternoon.  We had to capture it in a selfie.  Sister Ovard and Sister Cendreda.

Unfortunately Transfers do come and Sister Johnson was transferred to Surrey.  We lost her from Sidney.  We will miss her so much.  She was so fun and such a dedicated missionary.  I cried and cried to loose her.


 Sister Burns and I are at Transfers.  We were cooking a Thanksgiving style meal for the departing missionaries.  It will be their last meal with the mission.  The turkeys were yummy and everyone seemed to enjoy the feast. 

Sisters, Farley, VanTienderen, Parkinson, me, Felhauer, Hobbs, Lee

The Departing Missionaries for November.  They have been here with us our entire mission and now it is time to go home.    It is getting to the time when we have all been together for a long time.  These missionaries arrived in the mission just a transfer ahead of our arrival.  We are all going to be saying goodbye soon.  When we leave in February it will pretty much be everyone going  home that we have been with our entire mission.

Elders that are leaving.  Elders Ashcroft, Bell, Thomas, Nickels,

At the airport in the afternoon to pickup the new arriving missionaires.  This is Elder Boehmer and he is the grandson to Elder and Sister Boehmer that we worked with in the office for a year.  He is from Calgary, Canada.  It was so fun to be there to welcome him to the mission and to represent his grandparents.  We love him Sister Boehmer, (if you are reading this). 

We are all loaded up and ready to leave the airport.  It can be a lot of luggage, especially the sisters, which the Elders always take for them. 

Elder Boehmer ready to go the next day. 

While in Richmond we visited the kids, Kaba, Paulena, and Regina.  We do miss them and not being able to pickup Kaba for church has worried us.  We took them a few Christmas presents.  They were so excited to see us. 

Back to Sidney after all the events surrounding the leaving and arriving of missionaries.   We took a few minutes and walked down on the pier in Sidney.  It was a sunny, crisp day. 

We had a baptism in the Ocean.  Sister Cendreda and Sister Ovard with Ina and Bishop Carter.

Elder Gleed and Elder Cedeno serve as the witnesses.  This was an unusually cold day, it was about 38 degrees. 

It was a fast month and now it is December. 

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