Sunday, September 14, 2014

August and September events

Wow, it has been since July that I have posted my last blog.  I guess I was just too busy saying goodbye to one President and saying hello to a new President.  So much has happened since July.  I am glad that I documented a transfer week, it is fun to remember.  Since those days, Elder Nickels and I have been given a transfer to Vancouver Island.  We are most excited to finish our mission on the island and to be out with the missionaries.  Our assignment is to visit each companionship and attend church in their area.  We are most happy to be out with them and to help them in any way that we can.
August was a busy month as we tried to help President and Sister Burt get use to the mission and try and support them in any way that we could.  The last of July and August 1st Gina and her kids came for a short visit and that was such fun.  Then the end of August Brenda and Sean came with their kids for a short visit.  It was so wonderful to have family here, and so hard to say goodbye.  We also came to realize that in September the Boehmers and Silvers would be heading home, so we took a few outings with them.  It was fun to explore with them.  Below are some pictures of our family visits, our adventures with friends, our last transfer together and our move to the island.  All of that in just 2 short months.

Gina and the kids loved the Capilano suspension bridge.

Then on the ferry and over to Butchart Gardens.

Of Course Fish n chips at Steveston (Storybrooke). 

Brenda, Sean, A.J. and Harley at Steveston.  (Granny's café in Storybrooke)

A.J. and Harley at Stanley Park.

They loved Capilano too.

Us and the Boehmers and Silvers took our p-day before transfers and rode the skytrain to the north of Vancouver and then we boarded a sea taxi to go to the North Shore.  It was a great day with friends.
We sent this picture to President Burt and told him we were leaving before transfers. We could only dream that that cruise ship was for us.  HA


Then came Transfers and we had to go to work!!

After much thought and consideration we were given the opportunity to go out into the field and be with the missionaries.  We are most excited, so we packed up and on September 12 we headed for Vancouver Island.  Our apartment is in Sidney.  It will be beautiful. 

Look out Island, here we come.  It was a glorious day to be on the water.  Wow
Welcome to Paradise. 

We went to a ward Barn Dance.  This was the main house to the property that the barn was on.  It was an amazing place.  Al took this picture and we thought we would mail it to the kids and tell them we had just moved to our new apartment.  HAHA  I wish. 
 This is the view from the front porch of the above house. 
Sister Ovard played the fiddle.  And she was awesome.  So talented

Sister Johnson and Sister Ritchie enjoy the fiddle music.  What a great night.  We love the Sidney Ward already. 
So today is September 14 and we have just a bit under 5 months left to our mission.  We get to finish it out on a wonderful island, around wonderful people, and with the wonderful missionaries.

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